Hi, my name's Caitlin. I'm 21, Australian, and a multi-fandoming multi-shipper. Among other things, I love Doctor Who, Torchwood, Agents of Shield, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Supernatural, Merlin, Harry Potter, Top Gear, Hannibal, Sherlock and AFL. I write a lot of meta on all of these which can be found under fanworks. I also love German, my friends (on and off tumblr), mindless liveblogging, online dress-up games, Australiana and in-depth analysis of the Hogwarts houses. Clara Oswald is the prettiest.

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Come and meet the girl who can

My fear is not merely that the geeks will never come to acknowledge their triumph, as comfortable as they are in their self-professed victimhood. I fear too that we have come to so thoroughly associate fandom with grievance that the two are now inextricable. That, I suspect, is the long-term consequence of the rise of the geeks: that we no longer know how to enjoy art without enjoying it against others. That’s a bitter, juvenile way to approach art, and if it’s the real legacy of the rise of the geeks, it’s an ugly legacy indeed.
—“Geeks, You Are no Longer Victims. Get Over It.”, Frederick deBoer, The New York Times, 2014. (via aintgotnoladytronblues)


So like there are tons of theories surrounding who Missy could be, including another aspect of The Doctor (like the Valeyard) or another aspect of Clara (an evil echo), and there’s evidence to back up both theories:

Missy as the Valeyard:

  • knows the Doctor very well and can apparently access knowledge about what’s currently happening to him
  • resides in a world much like Gallifrey’s Matrix
  • seems like a Time Lord
  • dresses similarly to him

Missy as a Clara echo:

  • calls the Doctor “her boyfriend”
  • knows the Doctor
  • wanted Clara and the Doctor together for reasons, gives Clara his phone number to make it happen and also put an ad in the paper
  • dresses similarly to Victorian Clara
  • In Caretaker, Clara had a desk name tag that read “Miss C Oswald,” “Miss C” = Missy

Okay but consider:

  • Both Clara and the Doctor assume the other was the one to put the ad in the paper, assumed the other was the “egotistical game player”
  • they are both obsessed/addicted to each other and can’t actually seperate/distance themselves from each other despite attempts to do so
  • they both have been compared to each other in the narrative, especially their negative traits
  • Missy dresses similarly to both Clara and the Doctor
  • Missy looks like what would happen if you smushed both of them into the same person


I.E., Missy is some horrible conglomerate abomination of both the Doctor and Clara. These two egotistical, obsessed-with-each-other-but-trying-to-hide-it couple of assholes, through some scifi shenanigans, have some splinter/offshoot amalgamation of both their worst traits and it’s coming to get them.

you’re welcome bye


We don’t have any new releases on our calendar this week, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at a few YA books with Middle Eastern or Muslim characters that I found via CBC Diversity’s Goodreads page.

So we had to design a hammer using computer modelling software and there was a tutorial for the head but the handle we had to come up with, and mine ended up looking like a woman with curves, like creepily so.

Have not yet decided whether to change it or to get it 3d printed…




I want to know the honest answer to why Clara travels with the Doctor, because I don’t know if it’s “I want to see wonders” anymore, or if it ever was. Like obviously that’s a part of it, because why wouldn’t it be, but I think it’s an increasingly smaller part.

But it’s easier to give that as a…

When Danny asked her that first question I kept expecting her to say “because he needs me”

She was all prepared to leave him at the end of Deep Breath but she didn’t for this very reason. I think you have some really good points here but I believe that the desire to feel needed and helpful and important very much enters into the reason why she travels with the doctor.

I’m not as sure about the second question. It’s possible that it started out in series 7 as a way to keep in control of the situation but it doesn’t feel like that now. Perhaps she’s just become completely invested in both lives and can’t give either up….

I always love the question of why a companion travels with the Doctor. I was quite pleased with Clara’s answer - after all, this is the girl who had 101 places to see, and even though she was stuck in London at the time (self imposed, of course), she still planned on traveling. It makes sense. 

But I think it would be amiss to not realize that a primary reason for continuing to travel with him is because he needs her. Even if she’s in the middle of something, if Twelve says he needs her, she can’t resist. Note that this isn’t the same as Martha’s reasoning, which I remember being something to the effect of “because he’s lonely.” And it’s not like adult Amy’s guilt for leaving her best friend to travel on his own. Clara is a completely different story. She doesn’t travel with him to gain a sense of self-worth - she already has that. And I don’t think she feels she owes him anything, either. Her relationship with the Doctor is very complicated. But I do think she likes feeling helpful and accomplished in her adventures with him. 

As for why she returns to Earth? Well, I think she just puts a lot of value in her life here. She’s not like Rose or Donna, who felt their lives were dull and unimportant until they met the Doctor. She cares deeply about people, and wants to maintain contact with them. This is obviously head canon-y, but given her traits, I think it would be fair to say that she probably worked really hard in school to get a good job and a nice life for herself. And for people like her (people like me), there’s no chance in hell she’d give that up to become a space traveler for the rest of her life. There’s just no way she’d throw away a life that she feels has been filled with purpose and achievements for traveling 24/7. She cares too much about her place on earth to give it up. She has a very strong sense of direction. She knows who she wants to be and who she wants people to view her as, and leaving that behind would toss that all out the window. As a person who would love to travel with the Doctor but would also want to maintain a normal life, this is just my take on the situation. 

There are so many valid reasons for her choices (and your take is fairly close to what I would answer, but I’d add in a bit more narcissism), but what I really know is what her specific reasons are, what it’ll take for her to tell the truth about them, and how she feels about them/how they make her feel about herself.

Because it’s not like her choices don’t make sense because they totally do, I just very much suspect she’s lying to herself about her particular reasons, and that she’d probably be a better person if she stopped doing that. 


So the lovely moffatappreciationlife recently posted an excellent guide for people who want to give Moffat Who a fair go but can’t get it to work for them for some reason, and I thought… why not do the same kind of thing for people who want to get more out of RTD Who? So here’s a guide to RTD Who for Moffat fans, with the same intention as the other guide - so that even if the RTD era still isn’t your favourite, you’ll have a better idea of why people get something out of it.

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You know  makes a good point. Danny doesn’t need Clara and I think at the same time Clara doesn’t NEED Danny.

They just really like each other and honestly that’s enough. They are not co-dependent on each other like the doctor is with his companions and even how Amy and Rory are with each other (don’t get me wrong I love the ponds).

So yeah while I wasn’t 100% on board with Clara/Danny that is something it’s got going for it that I do like. That they want to be together they don’t HAVE to be together.

Yes. I was really, really impressed with Danny this ep. ‘Here is my line, and that line is not letting me help you when I can’  is a very grown up and self aware thing to lay out to your SO. 

They don’t need each other, but they also make each other better people, which tbh is mostly what I want out of relationship, platonic or romantic, fictional or my own.


poor everyone in The Caretaker.


  • felt like she had to lie about Danny to the Doctor for fear he’d hate Danny (which he did)
  • pulled in two directions because neither of the men she loves trusted each other
  • now has to deal with the breach of trust with her boyfriend as well as her best friend’s distance


  • so emotionally screwed up that he created the environment in which Clara felt she had to lie, and then didn’t know how to deal with such a lie
  • doesn’t trust Danny is a good man because he sees parts of himself in Danny that he doesn’t trust—his lack of trust is self-hate
  • has seen companions choose the ones they love over him time and time again, assumes that’s what will happen with Clara


  • lied to for months by someone he’d grown to trust, as she kept this double life from him with a friend who helped her keep that double life (a double life that included, not that he knows yet, them influencing his childhood)
  • badmouthed for no apparent reason from his perspective by the friend she’d been keeping secret
  • then that same guy used his girlfriend as a decoy—even though he seemed proud of how brave she was, he still worries that she is too much in danger without realizing it (this is a theme that’s been i play throughout the series, with side characters)
  • literally all of this happened over the course of two days


  • it’s parent/teacher night
  • she’s probably one of those kids who’s smart in a way schools don’t cater to
  • threw up on the TARDIS that’s hella embarrassing

Clara Oswald in series eight episode six, “The Caretaker

"About Clara hurting herself. In Into The Dalek he told her going into it wasn't just a metaphor. That's got a lot of bigger implications, to me at least. One of them being, Clara is literally going to hurt herself, with an incarnation of herself."

Hmm, see my headcanon for an echo returning would be that echo asking Clara questions that are very uncomfortable to answer because they make her admit that she has fucked up. Which I suppose, technically, is an echo hurting her.